When he was growing up in Baltimore, Phlash was a fan of personality jocks like Rick Dees. He knew he wanted a career in radio…..he just didn’t know where it would take him. As it turned out, took him a lot of places. By the time XM Satellite Radio launched in 2001, with Phlash as the morning man on the 60’s channel, he had worked at 17 stations in 15 states. He had also traveled to all 50 states (which he can recite in 30 seconds) making him the perfect choice for a show with a national audience. Don’t even try to stump him. When he says “I’ve Been Everywhere” he’s not kidding! Check him out from 6AM to noon on SiriusXM’s 60’s on 6. And don’t forget to join the Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm Phan Clan.