Jack Gale is never alone. A one-man show with more than 20 alter egos, Jack has entertained audiences for more than 70 years, most notably at WITH in Baltimore and BIG WAYS Radio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Listeners would wake up to the Mighty Gale Players’ daily soap opera, “Life Can Be Miserable”, traffic reports from Helicopter Harry, and Lowell Pressure with the weather, all courtesey of Jack’s imagination. He was named Billboard’s Disc Jockey of the Year in 1970. But Jack is more than just a radio legend. He and his late wife, Lovey, also owned several radio stations, publishing companies and record labels. He discovered artists including Johnny Cymbal (Mr. Bass Man) and even sang the bass man’s part at live appearances.

Today, Jack does a weekly radio show and records commercials for clients under the watchful eye of his faithful cat, Morgan. He’s also still actively involved with Playback Records, an independent label he co-founded in Nashville. Playback’s roster includes albums by a diverse list of artists ranging from Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash to Tiny Tim….and new artists Jack is still discovering. 

Jack’s philosophy: “Whether you have your own teeth or not….keep smiling.”