Raised in San Francisco, Grace Slick is the product of private schools and prestigious Finch College, an unlikely start for a rock icon. She started composing music while working as a model, and decided to get into the business after seeing the Jefferson Airplane at a club in Sn Francisco. She and her then-husband, filmmaker Jerry Slick, formed The Great Society. She wrote much of the music (including “White Rabbit”) and the group had some success and a single “Somebody To Love” (before Grace was invited to be the Jefferson Airplane’s new lead singer. She performed with the Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship, with hits ranging from ‘White Rabbit” to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (although, as she pointed out, a truck can stop you).

After retiring from music, Grace has become an accomplished artist, and is politically active. In 2017, she licensed “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” to anti-gay marriage Chik-fil-A, and donated the money to an LGTBQ civil rights group.