Yes, it’s her real name. Perfect for radio. But when she was growing up it was all about the music. She’d skip her high school classes to go to concerts with her good friend Ron McKernan, who later became Pig Pen, a founding member of The Grateful Dead.  Ron introduced her to the new artists being played on underground radio, so when she felt that college wasn’t working for her, she headed for groundbreaking underground FM station KMPX.  She was hired as an engineer…then learned how to be one…before becoming one of the first female FM deejays on the west coast. Not overly political, she found herself at a station that promoted huge anti-war rallies and offered an alternative view of the news. Over the years, Dusty worked at stations including LA’s legendary KROQ before being hired by Sirius/XM. Fittingly, the woman who was part of rock radio history, broadcasts her Deep Tracks show and shares her extensive musical knowledge from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland.