It’s hard to imagine radio in Washington, DC without Cerphe Colwell. In the early 70’s, while studying at American University, he got his first job, at groundbreaking freeform station WHFS. He introduced his listeners to new acts like Bruce Springsteen and Little Feat, played music not heard on any other station, and along with his fellow deejays, became an integral part of a community of young listeners during a turbulent time. Since then, he has brought his talent and musical knowledge to several other top-rated stations, testified in Congress against music censorship (alongside pal Frank Zappa), and worked with everyone from rock stars to Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy. He was also named Greenest Deejay in America by the Earth Day Network. Cerphe can be heard on www.musicplanetradio.com/musicplanetradio.com. You can read about his adventures in his new book, Cerphe’s Up. (available at amazon.com