Barry Richards, aka “The Reazar”, “Hairy Barry”, “The Boss With The Hot Sauce”. “The Lip That’s Hip”, “The Hunk of Funk” and “The Real BR” – to name a few – is a man with many names and many talents. By the age of 16, the Washington, DC native had his own radio show on rock pioneer WDON and was dancing on “The Milt Grant Show” – DC’s answer to “American Bandstand”. The fast talking Richards went on to become an on-air personality and program director on rock and R&B stations. By 1968, “The Greaser Who Saw The Light” introduced many area teens to artists like Jimi Hendrix and Cream on tiny WHMC, one of the first progressive rock stations. He also promoted concerts and hosted TV shows, including the groundbreaking free-form show, “Turn On With Barry Richards” – a surreal combination of major rock acts, Flash Gordon films, and whatever else Barry felt like doing that night. The DVD is available on www. and through his site, Barry currently lives in Los Angeles and is a music consultant for major labels.